Bienvenu. It’s so great to finally meet you! 
I have so many treats in store for you, but first let me just say how glad I am that you’re here. This is a photo of me in my beloved Burgundy, France, on a trip to take photos and “conduct research” (i.e. enjoy lots of incredible meals and amazing wine) for the cookbook based on my Grape Series of memoirs, Bisous & Brioche.
 I am an enthusiast for so many things in life – travel, wonderful food and wine, beaches, cherry blossoms, dark coffee with a square of dark chocolate, kayaking, walking with my rescue dog, hanging out with my French husband and our three daughters, romance, and books that feel like best friends.
 Stories have gotten me through so many rough moments in my life. There were my awkward adolescent years, of course, the stress of doing my law degree at Oxford, and, most recently, my five years of illness with a rare disease called PSC,  leading up to a life-saving organ transplant. Being able to lose myself in a big-hearted, wry, and uplifting book was a lifeline, time and time again.
 These are the books I set out to write – books that immediately feel like best friends. Whether it be one of my eight bestselling memoirs from The Grape Series, one of my novels, my how-to writing books, or my cookbook, I want to write stories that wrap you up like a warm hug.
 I take everything I love and that I think you’ll love, and wrap it up into an epic, monthly issue of the Grapevine packed with recipes, book recommendations, sneak peaks, giveaways, and so much other fun.
 Consider this your invitation to come and hang out with me. Fill out the spaces below to join my Grapevine and receive French recipes, news from the French vineyards to the Eiffel Tower, and encouragement to move toward LIFE in capital letters. Rest assured I hate spam as much as you do. Your email is safe with me, but you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time. Stay tuned for more! I’m so glad you’re now a Grapeviner too.

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